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Here are 10 awesome tools to help make social media posting a breeze

10 Awesome Tools to Help Make Social Media Posting a Breeze

This post is about 10 awesome tools to help make your social media posting much easier and save you oodles of time.

But first, I’m sorry, I’ve been out for a bit. I’m super excited, though, because as I wasn’t writing many blog posts recently, I was working on some other really useful content that I will be sharing with you very soon. I think you’re gonna like it.

So, on with the post. Over the last several months I’ve discovered a couple of new tools that I wanted to share with you, as well as some tools that I’ve been using for quite a while now. A couple of these are affiliate links, which means if you sign up with the link I provide, I get a little bonus, but rest assured, I don’t promote anything that I haven’t tried myself.

Each one of them can save you time and each one is easy on the pocketbook.

  1. – I came across this little beauty of a tool a couple of months back and I love it. As you may know, Facebook is really favoring video these days, so if you’re creating video, the likelihood of your followers seeing your post will be much greater than a static image post. What Lumen5 does is take a blog post or article and turn it into a video using public domain photos. And, you can add your own images, too. Here’s an example of one of mine. And, at the time of this post, it is totally free.
  2. – At first I wasn’t sure about Trello, but the more I started playing with it, the more I really liked it. It doesn’t help me with my post graphics or scheduling, but it really helps me keep track of post ideas and lists with future post content. It’s worth a visit. The cost; Free.
  3. – Canva is a super easy to use online tool that allows you to set up social media posts by using their predesigned templates. It makes it super quick and also gives you the proper sizes for posting to each platform. Big time saver. Free with paid add-ons.
  4. – I’ve always wanted to use, because of its features, but after every trial, I just couldn’t bring myself to lay down the $79 a month to pay for it. What I loved about it so much, was that it could recycle your old posts, so you could load in 200 posts and once it gets to the end of the queue it starts over. Saving lots of time for me. But now, I’ve found the new love of my life; This is, in my opinion, a better version of Edgar. It not only has many of the same features, but it has great tools incorporated to help me curate content, too. And, it has some amazing analytics and competitor analysis features. This one; $19 a month. A much better price tag than MeetEdgar.
  5. – If you’re an Instagram fan, you might love Instagram is one of those platforms that won’t allow third-party posting, but Planoly allows you to schedule posts (up to 30 a month) for free and notifies you when they’re scheduled to go live, so you can make just a few clicks on your smartphone and off it goes. Plus, it allows you to see what each photo will look like against the rest of your feed.
  6. – Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest, but if I go to my page to post, I get sucked down the Pinterest rabbit hole, only to resurface three hours later. So, for me, it’s best if I don’t visit, too often. For that reason, I love BoardBooster. I can set up BoardBooster to automatically pin for me from boards that I often pin from myself anyway. It also chooses the best time to pin throughout the day. This web-based program has helped me build my Pinterest following by thousands. I pay $10 a month for about 33 pins each day. Check out this related post: WHY USE PINTEREST FOR BUSINESS WITH RICH PINS AND BOARDBOOSTER?
  7. Google Calendar/ – I’ve used both for the purposes of laying out a content calendar for social media posts, but CoSchedule allows you to connect it to your WordPress blog and schedule your blog posts, as well as all of your social media. It’s an awesome planning tool. It is a little more expensive to use CoSchedule; about $30 a month.
  8. Pic-tap-go or A Color Story for iPhone – These are two super inexpensive apps for iPhone that give you a really nice set of filters and amazing editing capability to edit your Instagram pics. Another favorite of mine is VSCO. Cost; Free-$1.99 – premium filters are extra.
  9. GhostCodes – Since Snapchat doesn’t have a search feature, it can be a little more difficult trying to find people you’d like to follow, or getting people to follow you. With the GhostCodes app for iPhone, it allows you to search for people you’d like to follow on Snapchat, as well as allow people to download your Snapcode, too.
  10. – Buzzsumo is an online tool that lets you search for topics and keywords and analyze what content gets the most shares on social media. This is super useful when trying to come up with content that really works. Give it a try!

That’s it! Those are some of my favorite tools and many of them are free or very reasonable. What are some of your favorites?



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