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How to Best Use Video Marketing for Your Business from the Blog of


Remember when YouTube, Facebook and Twitter first started to become popular? Terms like social media, likes and posts became mainstream. It opened up a whole new world to business owners. It allowed us to tell an extended group of friends about our business. It opened the door on a new way to market our products. And, it allowed us to begin to build fans and followers made up of potential customers. People found that by posting thoughts, ideas and opinions they would engage with their followers.

As other social platforms joined in, such as Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat the world of social media became an even greater marketing machine. Posting of text alone was not going to cut it. Posts with photos and images would outperform text-only posts. The world was hooked on visuals.

Most recently, Periscope, Facebook Live, Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories have upped the social media marketing game. Video has become more popular than any other type of post and live video even more so.

As a small business owner, how do you keep up with the video trend?

First let’s start by breaking down why video has become so big, so we can understand how we might use it to market our products and services.

Video, more than any other form of media, allows the viewer a peek into the workings of your business. It shows more personality than a photo and helps people to feel more connected. It plays a huge role in humanizing your brand.



Live video can play an even bigger role, by showing the vulnerability one might see during a live presentation. Plus, viewers can interact with the presenter in real-time. Allowing the presenter an opportunity to build trust by answering viewer questions and responding to comments.

Building trust is a huge part of someone buying your product or service. They must be able to gain that trust in some way before they will buy what you offer.

So, how do you get started using video in your marketing?

Video marketing can be beneficial for every size business from a solopreneur to a large corporation. To start, I’ve created a list of equipment one might want in order to create a decent quality video. (Keep in mind that all video, even that recorded on a smartphone in good natural light is a great place to start.)

  1. A quality camera with video capability.
  2. A camera tripod to prevent movement
  3. A quality microphone (often the microphone in the camera itself does not produce quality sound)
  4. Headphones, any decent brand
    • I use the Apple brand that came with my phone
  5. Editing software
    • I use ScreenFlow for Mac it’s super easy to use and can publish right to YouTube
  6. Lighting
    • A spot near a window in natural light is best. If the budget allows, then a Diva Ring Light is a great lighting solution

Create a Video Marketing Plan

To start with video, a video marketing plan should be addressed. Decide on how often you’ll post video and the type of content you might create. Remember; the video doesn’t need to be only about your product, it can be other areas that pertain to your industry. The idea is to build trust and position yourself as an authority in your field. Here is a list of ideas:

  1. Demonstrations on how to use your product
    • Food and beverage products work well here, as you can also include videos of recipes that include your product
    • Lotions, soaps and hair care products; you might consider a series of videos on a specific beauty technique
  2. Live workshops or Q&A
    • live video is a great way to hold a workshop or question and answer session with potential customers
  3. Tips
    • Short tips are best. If you sell jewelry; a tip on how to properly clean it or how to accessorize your outfit.
  4. Power Points
    • If you use Screen Flow, you can record your desktop screen as you run through a Power Point presentation about your business or service
  5. Behind the scenes
    • You might interview others who inspired you or those that work in your business.
  6. You can utilize web-based software such as Animoto or VideoMakerFX

Those are just a few ideas on the types of videos you could create. Look around at what other industries are doing on Facebook and YouTube to get ideas.

How to Post Your Videos

You can upload your videos directly to YouTube and create your own YouTube channel. You can share that link on other social media platforms. However, with Facebook, it’s best to upload your video directly to Facebook. The Facebook algorithm tends to favor this over YouTube links, which means more of your followers may see it. And, of course, if you go live on Facebook, your video will already exist on the platform for your followers to see.

Don’t forget to promote your videos everywhere. You can pin them on Pinterest and use them in Instagram. You can also include a blog post and notify your email list as to where they can see the video.

After you’ve tackled a few videos you’ll have the hang of it and you’ll soon decide whether live or prerecorded fits your style best. You’re now on your way to building trust with your audience.

Good Luck!



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